About Us

The McCanne Health Justice Monitor (HJM) is a health policy blog focused on a progressive policy agenda. HJM takes as its inspiration Quote of the Day, the daily health policy update produced single-handedly by health policy advocate and expert Don McCanne. Don’s prolific work on issues ranging from health care inequity and waste, to financing patterns and the distortions introduced by profit motives, to health reform politics demonstrated how to understand the myriad health policy developments around us in the context of pursuing health efficiency and justice through single payer. Don’s inspiration is reflected in our name.

The McCanne Health Justice Monitor endeavors to continue and expand the Quote of the Day  mission. While our core writing will focus on topics related to U.S. health system failings and, of course, single payer reform, we will also expand into new territory related to health. We are excited to bring you writing on issues of racism and racial inequities, climate and environmental justice, and global health for low and middle income countries. We have a core team of health policy experts who will contribute posts several times per month. We will also feature the work of guest contributors to speak to the broad range of topics we think is fundamental to equitable health reform. 

We believe there is no time like the present for dismantling the unequal and unjust U.S. health care system, and shifting to a simple, practical, and humane single payer system. We will endeavor to regularly bring you the most informed and responsible policy updates and views on how to achieve health justice.